The year is 2012: Europe is stumbling from one emergency summit to the next, America has gone crashing through the 15-billion-dollar debt ceiling and people are taking to the streets across the world because they have realised that something is wrong. But after eleven years off the radar, a man resurfaces in Philadelphia who used the number pi in the nineties to predict economic turning points with precision.

Already in the 70s he discovered that the global economy appeared to be based on the 8.6-year cycle. He multiplied the cycle by six which gave him 51.6 years and it all fitted perfectly: Black Friday in 1869, the commodity panic in 1920, and the Second and Third Punic Wars. 8.6 years equalled three thousand one hundred and forty-one days: 3,141, the magic number pi times a thousand. With his secret knowledge Martin Armstrong predicted the exact date of the October crash in 1987, the decline of the dollar in 1986 and the Nikkei crash in 1989. He was named economist of the decade. In Japan he became so popular because of his predictions that they just called him Mr. YEN.

But in 1999 he was arrested on charges of fraud which he still disputes to this day. Martin Armstrong refused to play along with the bankers’ game. He made powerful enemies: New York investment bankers, hedge funds managers, Salomon Brothers and the Goldman Sachs in this world. The FBI and the US Securities and the Exchange Commission wanted him to deliver his secret model. They accused him of manipulating the world economy. He was incarcerated for seven years for contempt of court. Now Martin Armstrong is back – released from prison after 12 years. He agreed to be the focal point of this movie - a piece on the Financial Crisis we are facing – the Sovereign Debt Crisis. And he seams to offer a solution which will be revealed throughout the film – a solution how to avoid the Armageddon of Western Society.

Visually “Martin Armstrong - The Oracle” will have all the qualities of a feature film.